1. Common.

1.1. Purchase is made only on one channel. (Does not apply to personal orders)

1.2. Tariffs are valid from the moment of purchase and without pauses.

1.3. Viewbotting on VOD, premieres and hosts is prohibited. (Does not apply to personal orders)

1.4. We are not responsible for cheating prime subs and bits.

1.5. Manual refill checks are accepted within 6 hours after transfer.

1.6. The administration can change/add rules at any time.

1.7. On the account can act only one plan.

1.8. Guest account is created only for one entrance, it will be automatically deleted after exiting it or from the browser.

1.9. Viewbotting can be turned off by the service if no action occurs on the stream for 15 minutes.

1.10. It is forbidden to buy several tariffs on one channel (loss of warranty).

2. Returns Policy.

2.1. Refunds are made to the balance in your account if we can not provide our services. The refund amount is calculated as follows: The amount for which the fare is purchased - (Number of hours used * cost of an hourly rate with the same number of viewers). Converting ATwitch Coins into rubles into a wallet is not possible.

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